The chatbot for social distance queuing

Turn passers-by into instant guest reservations via WhatsApp. Including Covid-19 pre-check.

An affordable and modern guest paging system.

Fast & Easy

Turn passers-by into guests with this "contactless" digital queueing system including Covid-19 Pre-check.

Clear & Straight

Your guest is welcomed by the chatbot and guided. The tool manages pro-actively expactations too.

Affordable & Low entry

You only need a smartphone and a simcard. Setup from € 100* and daily usage € 1,00.

Passers-by become queued guests
Paging system via WhatsApp

In this day & age, where the hospitality industry -hopefully- may open it's doors again, you will have to meet a number of new requirements. For example, you are required to do a Covid-19 pre-check through mandatory reservations.

By using your own WaitsApp Chatbot you can have passers-by answer a couple of questions on their own phone and have them put themselves in the digital queue.

The guest can then wait at a (social) distance from fellow visitors for a table and you can assign tables with 1 tap, seat guests, as well as communicate your "Covid-19" house rules (wash hands!) And, for example, share information about take-out and/or delivery service.

Waits.App is also a perfect alternative guest paging system. Whenever an order is ready you can simply page the guest with pickup instructions.

Helpful Help

Your business is open again. And you want to abide to the rules.
This chatbot reduces your workload.
Want to page your guests when their order is ready? That is also possible!

This is how WaitsApp works for you

Pair your (dedicated) WhatsApp phone and WaitsApp is ready to queue your guests!

A little effort, a lot of fun.

To use your chatbot you only need a phone with WhatsApp and an active phonenumber.
You can buy prepaid numbers for as low as € 1,00.

We provision your chatbot and you connect your phone yourself via the queue management app.

We make your chatbot for € 150

For this amount we code your chatflows, link the waiting list action intents and host a unique web application that is the engine behind your "digital waiting list". We also create a domain, in order for you to easily access the queue management app.

You can control the "queue management app" on the same phone as your Whatsapp number, or even better on a separate tablet / computer, which you have for example at the cash register or reception desk. In one glance you see who is on the waiting list and you can call guests with 1 click.

Effort is required for setting up the texts specifically for your business. Such as the Tone of voice, questions, answers as well as linking media -menu-, logotypes, pictures and "stickers".

Based of an initial sample chat flow you can request adjustments for your business.

Your chatbot will be activated no later than 1 working day thereafter. You will also be assigned your own which opens WhatsApp directly onto your bot!

START /day


  • 10 chats per day
  • € 0,25 per extra chat

Or request a demo



  • 50 chats per day
  • € 0,10 per extra chat

Or request a demo



  • Unlimited chats
  • Text the Waiter/Guest module

Or request a demo

This is the agreement for all subscriptions:
Billed weekly
One week notice
One month minimum

Integrations? No problem!

Maybe you have your own ideas for using the Waits.App bot? Would you like to integrate it with your reservation system? Have it handle orders? Pay online through Waits.App?

We are happy to help!

Let's get started!

We are proud to be pretty agile.
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